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Control Your Heat Pump From Your Smart Phone

Melissa lets you control any heat pump from your smart phone. Anywhere, Any time

Let Melissa save you power.

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Control from distance

Turn on your heat pump from a distance to ensure you arrive home to your desired temperature.

Trust Melissa

Let Melissa learn how you use your heat pump and she will do the rest to ensure you enjoy a comfortable climate

Save energy

Melissa helps you save money by reducing your heat pumps energy consumption by up to 25%

Setting timers has never been easier

With our intuitive app interface even grandma can create multiple timers with ease.

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How does Melissa work?

After you have connected Melissa to your home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to send her commands and receive information about the current temperature and humidity at home through the Internet. When Melissa receives your command, she sends Infrared signals to your heat pump to change its settings.

Have the temperature you want when you come home

No matter if you are out of town, at your batch, at work or stuck in traffic, you will have full remote control of your heat pump with Melissa.

Is Melissa compatible with my heat pump?

Are you wondering if Melissa will work with your heat pump? Yes, If your heat pump has a remote Melissa will connect to it.  

Energy Efficient

Control your heat pump today

Set timers to automatically adjust the temperature

The timer function allows you to set times you want Melissa to automatically adjust the temperature up or down.

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Control your heat pump or A/C from your smart phone

With our mobile application you can control your heat pump or Air Con anywhere.


Melissa fits all heat pump or A/C

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