Energy Efficient

Green E Cylinder

Green E Cylinders use free heat energy from inside your roof space to heat water

The Green E Cylinders are the next generation in water heating, saving you up to 85% on water heating costs. 

Using heat pump technology to harness naturally accruing radiant heat energy from your roof space. 

The Green E Cylinders are currently the only Wifi controlled energy efficient hot water cylinders in New Zealand. 

The technology allows you to control and manage the way you heat water, right from your smart phone. 

Anywhere, Any time. 

Often when added to a mortgage the Green E Cylinder saves more in power than the cost of repayments. 

Energy Efficient

Reduce your power bill today

Distance Control

Timer Function




Savings upto 85%

Key Benefits

Control Your Water Heating From Anywhere In The World
Turn your water heating off while on holiday to save power. Then turn your Green E Pack back on and arrive home to a nice hot shower.
Set Water Heating Times From Your Smart Phone
Our intuitive App allows you to control when you water is heated.
Monitors your water heating from your smart phone
Keep Track Of Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly power consumption.


  • Control your hot water cylinder from your smartphone
  • Set timers for heating water
  • Turn off when going on holiday to save power. Turn on before arriving home
  • Geolocation knows your home and starts heating water
  • Auto mode – learns when you use hot water and only heats the water when you need it
  • Monitor your power consumption from your mobile phone
  • Stainless steel mains pressure
  • Simple installation (just like a standard hot water cylinder)
  • Extra added insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Manufactured in Spain with European parts
  • “A” Rated European standard to energy efficiency
  • Titanium anode installed
  • No maintenance costs
  • 5 Year warranty on heat pump technology
  • 10 year warranty on cylinders
  • Works in all weather conditions, day and night
  • Available in 250L – 300L and 500L 

Whats Inside 

  1. Low wattage fan moves warm air from your roof space
  2. Heat exchanger extracts heat from the warm roof space air
    (can extract heat down to -10°c)
  3. Compressor moves warm and cool refrigerant
  4. 316 Stainless steel mains pressure cylinder
  5. Heat exchanger transfers heat from the hot refrigerant to the water in the cylinder
  6. Added insulation ensures water is kept hotter for longer
  7. Back up heater element 

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