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Milk Cooling
Water Heating
Recycles Heat From Waste Water

“Recycle the heat from your dairy farms waste wash water and reduce your water heating bill by up to 86%”

The MRS2000 cools your milk to below 5°c before entering the vat and heats up to 2000L of water to 80°c

Dairy sheds often have large amounts of waste heat available that goes largely unutilised.

With new milk cooling regulations, the traditional way of cooling milk while heating water is no longer as energy-efficient as it once was.

So we’ve created and patented a system to snap cool milk, extract heat from dirtywaste wash water and also heat 2000L plus of water to 80°cwhile reducing your power bill.

Are You A Sharemilker?

The MRS2000 has been designed to be disconnected from and moved to another farm if required. 


Exceeds MPI regulations

Cools milk to below 5°c before entering the vat

Heats water to 80°c

2000L of internal hot water storage

Milk bacteria grades reduced

Extracts heat from milk and dirty wash water to save power

Vat refrigeration only maintains milk temperature until collection

Wifi controllable from your smart phone

How much can I save?

Water heating is free with the MRS2000

Based on 12,000L of milk in the morning and 6,000L of milk in the afternoon.

Milking cooling with standard refrigeration.

Milk cooling

Morning Milking – 12,000L 
Cooling cost- $14.35

Afternoon milking – 6,000L
Cooling cost – $7.18

Water heating per day

Plant wash per day 1000L – $18.42
Vat wash per day 1000L – $18.42

Milk cooling per year  $6351

Water heating per year $10,868

Total milk cooling and water heating $17,219

Cooling Milk and heating water with the MRS2000

Milk cooling

Morning milking 12,000L
Cooling cost – $15.70

Afternoon milking 6,000L
Cooling cost – $7.85

Total per day $23.55

Plant wash per day 1000L – $0.00
Vat wash per day – 1000L – $0.00

Total milk cooling and water heating $6947

Annual Cost & Savings

Traditional refrigeration and
Electric element – $17,219

MRS2000 – $6947

Annual Savings
Savings of – $10,273

Savings over 10 years – $102,734

Prices based on a 24c kw hour. Heating water from 14°c to 80°c. 295 day milking season

App Includes

Driving technology monitoring

Monitor and control water heating form your smartphone. Anywhere, Anytime

Graphs your water temperature, eletrical use and water use

Set timers when you want to heat your water

Energy Efficient, Cash Positive

" Often the MRS2000 saves more in power costs than the cost of repayments each month"

High Temperature

The all inclusive high temperature heat pump heats water to 80°c ready for your next wash

Large Capacity Water Storage

The MRS2000 comes with 1000L of waste storage and 2000L of fresh hot water store. Volumes can be increased. 

Simple Installation

The MRS2000 is simple to install and connects to the waste dump pipe on your milking plant and the fresh water supply to your hot water cylinders. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Freshwater rises in temperature from around 14°c (average NZ ground water temperature) to 40°c.

Yes, the system is simple to disconnect and move.


The high-temperature heat pump transfers heat from the milk to your hot water 

No, The MRS2000 works automatically. Depending on the placement you may require a transfer pump from the bottom of your vat to move wash water to the MRS2000.

No, the system takes care of temperatures and timings automatically

Zane Wilson - Young

Inventor - Refrigeration Engineer - Energy Efficiency Expert

Three years ago when speaking with a dairy farmer at the Balclutha A&P show he asked me to explore where he was wasting energy on his dairy farm. It quickly became clear he was tipping $1000’s a year of energy directly down the drain. The engineer in me wanted to find a solution, a product to take the heat from the dairy farms waste wash water and transfer that energy into the freshwater filling the hot water cylinders.

I searched the globe for a product to do just that.

With no success, there currently wasn’t anything on the market to transfer or remove the heat, nor was there a product I could adapt to complete the task.

After years of working thought the limitations of normal heat exchangers and the dairy shed processes, I have the final product. A system to take the heat from the dirty wash water and transfer it for sure in the next wash. 

The natural progression for the business was to integrate our HRC700 system with a new system that also cools milk. 

The system would cool milk, heat water and recover heat from dirty wash water before it was sent to waste.

The MRS2000 was born to provide farm owners and sharemilkers with a system to drastically reduce their power bill.

My passion is energy efficiency and helping clients reduce their power bills and I hope the MRS2000 can help you too. 


Reduces your environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions


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