Energy Efficient

Underfloor heating

Warm water flows under the floor to heat your home

A home with underfloor heating is heated from the floor up.
Warm water is pumped around small tubes installed in the foundation during the build process. The warm water heats the concrete allowing heat to radiate up into your home.
Our systems are designed with four rules, Affordability, Comfort, Control and of course Energy Efficiency.
We use a correctly sized energy efficient hot water heat pump to heat the water that’s pumped under your floor. The same heat pump is also used to heat your domestic hot water for showers and washing up.

Energy Efficient

Warm your home today

Key Benefits

A warm home from the floor up
Warm water flows through the concrete slab to heat your house.
Control your homes heating from your smart phone
Our intuitive App allows you to control when your homes heating


  • Energy Efficient Space and water heating
  • Wifi controlled from your smart phone
  • Turn off when going on holiday to save power. Turn on before arriving home
  • Warm feet
  • Individual room control
  • Your whole house is heated
  • Full design and installation
  • Works in all weather conditions, day and night
  • Hot water cylinders available in 250L – 300L and 500L 

What we offer

  1. Full consultation on your heating requirements
  2. Heating Design
  3. Underfloor heating plans
  4. Hot water heating recommendations
  5. Supply of all equipment direct from the factory
  6. Installation
  7. Service and warranty