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How energy efficient do you think your home is, really?

We’re all looking for ways to lower our power bills, reduce our carbon footprint and to live a little greener. But what’s the best way of doing that? We can achieve better results when we work together. 

Think of the My Energy app like the conductor in an orchestra. Without the conductor, all the instruments would play along to their own beat. On their own they might be pretty good, but surrounded by everyone else, the noise would be terrible. 

In the same way, solar system installers will tell you how energy efficient they can make your home. You’ll be told something similar by the person installing your underfloor or hot-water heat pump. Your ventilation technician will tell you their ducted system or space heater is the most energy-efficient device out. The problem is, each appliance has their own system, their own app, their own way of working that doesn’t communicate with the appliances around it.

In their bid to be the most energy efficient, sometimes these appliances can work against each other, which means you get higher power bills than before. That’s not good.

My Energy Automates Power Reduction To Save You Money

Records Solar Production & Consumption
Space Heating & Cooling Control
Water Heating Is Automated To Ensure Your Home Always Has Hot Water
Ventilation Control Provides True Moisture Management
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My Energy app is unique to New Zealand
The My Energy App is a customised, New Zealand designed operating system that opens up communication between Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation, Space Heating and Cooling, Water Heating and Solar Power. Instead of logging on to each separate app to see how your solar system or your hot water heating is performing, you will be able to control all of your systems from your My Energy app.

There is no other system like the My Energy app available in New Zealand.
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Become more energy efficient by working together
Best of all, like the orchestra conductor, the My Energy app can tell all your devices how to work in harmony, to make your home as energy efficient as possible. For example, if your solar system is generating a lot of electricity, the My Energy app can turn on your hot water system, ‘banking’ that power during the day and ensuring you’re consuming as much of the electricity you’re generating as possible. In fact, using solar, we can take your space heating and water heating as close to off-grid as possible without compromising on comfort.

With the My Energy app, your solar system, space heating, and hot water heating can all work together in concert, turning on and off as needed, lowering your power bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and making your home as energy efficient as it can be.

Want a more energy efficient home?

Want a more energy efficient home?

Are you thinking about building or do you have house plans? Our team can custom design a My Energy system based on your plans, budget and requirements.

Do you already have solar, but want to make your home as energy efficient as possible? The My Energy system can be retrofitted. Contact Energy Efficient Innovations today for a free, no-obligation discussion on 0800 332 100.

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