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The surging energy bills and the pressing need for efficient heating solutions have prompted the search for alternative heating methods. With years of European expertise and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, EFI has developed the Aquatherma hot water heat pump, an innovative solution that combines both hot water and room heating through a single, energy-efficient system.

Domestic heating accounts for a significant proportion of electricity consumption, making it a prime target for reducing energy bills. This is especially relevant during the winter months when longer, hotter showers and the need for a warm home tend to drive up energy usage. By opting for the Aquatherma Heat Pump System, you can significantly reduce your heating and hot water bills in comparison to gas and direct electric systems, all while staying comfortable and warm throughout the year.

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space heating & cooling
Sanitary water heating

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Aquatherma R32 Hot Water Heat Pumps
The Aquatherma R32 air source hot water heat pump is a versatile solution that offers a host of benefits beyond space heating and hot water. This innovative technology also delivers efficient cooling during the sweltering summer months. Even at low outside temperatures of up to –25°c, the inverter unit can achieve high flow temperatures, making it ideal for use in both new build and renovation projects.

The Aquatherma range of hot water heat pumps is designed with the future in mind, incorporating a future-proof R32 refrigerant that is both eco-friendly and highly efficient. By choosing this advanced heating technology, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save significantly on energy bills. The Aquatherma heat pump is a responsible choice that offers an unbeatable combination of efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

Capacity - 6Kw - 200Kw
Water heating to 65°c
Water cooling to 5°c
Large capacity water heating
Underfloor heating
Space heating
Space cooling
Geotherma Unit 2
Geotherma heat pumps, also known as ground source heat pumps, harness the energy from the ground to deliver cost-effective and sustainable hydronic heating, cooling, and hot water to your home. Even during the most frigid winter days, Geotherma heat pumps provide efficient and reliable warmth, thanks to their ingenious design. By tapping into the stable temperature of the Earth's surface, Geotherma heat pumps achieve impressively high coefficient of performance (COP), making them a smart and sustainable choice for any household.

Not only do Geotherma heat pumps offer superior energy efficiency, but they are also environmentally friendly, releasing fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants than traditional heating and cooling systems. By opting for a Geotherma heat pump, you not only save on energy bills but also reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards a greener future.

Water heating to 65°c
Water cooling to 5°c
Heat recovery mode
Capacity 6Kw – 200Kw
Heating & Cooling at the same time
Farm water heating
Space heating
Space cooling

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