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Experience the ultimate comfort of a home with underfloor heating - where warmth emanates from the ground up. During the construction process, small tubes are installed in the foundation and warm water is pumped around them, heating the concrete and emitting radiant heat throughout your home. Our innovative systems are built with four key principles in mind: Affordability, Comfort, Control, and Energy Efficiency.

We employ an appropriately-sized, energy-efficient hot water heat pump to warm the water that flows beneath your flooring. The same heat pump also heats your domestic water, ensuring that you'll always have ample hot water for showering and dishwashing.


Why Hydronic Underfloor Heating?

None of the irritating hums, rattles or whistles that are commonly associated with forced-air systems

No bulky or unsightly vents, you won’t even know it’s there.

Cheaper to run
Evenly distributed, ambient heat means you can have the thermostat set at 2 – 4°C less than in a forced-air heating system, reducing your energy costs by 10 – 40%.

No air is blown through ducts, so particles of dust, pollens and germs are not being blown around your home. The radiant heat produced by the system reduces humidity and air circulation, meaning that there are fewer dust mites and allergens in the indoor air.

Radiant heat is a far gentler heat, so less likely to dry out your breathing passages and skin.

Comfort and Warm floors
Radiant heating heats the whole room, from the floor up. This gives you the luxurious comfort of warm floors, and the benefit of an invisible, inaudible and minimal maintenance heating system.

Tailored temperature control
Because the heating is controlled in the My Energy App temperature control can be zoned room by room, everyone in the house can set their own levels of comfort, from the basement to the bedroom.

Design freedom
There are no air vents, no ducts, no exposed pipe work our systems give you complete freedom of design when building your new home.

Increased safety
No hot surfaces or sharp edges making the system child friendly

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In order to fully maximise the energy efficiency benefits of an underfloor heating system, it is essential to have a fully insulated slab. With full insulation, heat loss is significantly reduced, resulting in a lower amount of heat required to warm your home. This translates to a reduced cost in heating your home, as less heat is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.
By achieving complete control over your system, you can significantly improve your energy efficiency. Imagine this: as the sun moves around your home, your thermostat detects that the room has reached the desired temperature and promptly turns off the zone, enabling the sun to effortlessly heat your home. This way, you can optimise your energy usage and reduce heating cost, all while enjoying a comfortable living environment.
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What we offer!
We provide a comprehensive suite of services to cater to all your heating needs, including:

- In-depth consultation to fully understand your heating requirements
- Expert heating design to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness
- Customised underfloor heating plans tailored to your specific needs
- Professional recommendations for hot water heating systems
- Direct supply of top-quality equipment sourced directly from the factory
- Skilled installation services to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience
- Reliable ongoing maintenance and warranty support to keep your heating system functioning optimally for years to come.
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